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2016 Student Composer Award-Winning Piece
Destino (de ida y vuelta)
Performed by the
Symphony Orchestra

Sonata For Two Flutes?

Fl 1: Catherine Thompson
Fl 2: Kathrine Davis

Le Matin
An exploration of morning warmth & misty ambiguity 

Oboe: Lyndi Warburton
Viola: Emily Townsend

Romance, Mvt. I
Dance Suite For Violin

Violin: Madeline Hill

A Midsummer's Nap
A study in suspension, and counterpoint.

For bassoon and horn. 

Bachelor of Music Composition
Loyola University New Orleans

•2015-2016 Loyola University Student Composer Competition
•2015 Outstanding Music Theory Student, Loyola University
•2016 Outstanding Music Composition Student, Loyola University

My studies required an all-encompassing understanding of music theory, harmony, orchestration, counterpoint, and history. I received extensive training in Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, 20th Century, and Jazz composition.
During my studies my principal instrument was the Renaissance lute, with additional studies on piano, voice (tenor), and Jazz bass. 

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